Beautiful Places

There are a few stellar spots in the Maple Grove Wetlands Complex area, one of them being HWSS vegetation unit 4.21. This is where I wanted to build my house. Until now, the City refused to permit severances north of Maple Grove Rd. Now, with the Region declaring the area as industrial, it seems doubtful whether they will consider residential development now, either.

The other factor is with respect the Hespeler West Subwatersheds Study (HWSS) itself, which classifies this old pasture as a high constraint due to groundwater seepage. “Seepage”, effectively saying that this area is full of springs. This is not supported by reality. Being nestled between two wetland units, it does have a couple spots where drainage is imperfect, but for the most part, 4.21 is more than a meter above the highest points in the wetland. In fact, 4.21 tends to be drier here than the other adjoining unit, an upland deciduous forest.

The photo below was taken on May 12, 2004, one rather wet spring. In fact, in the five days prior to this photo, Cambridge had 35.2mm of precipitation according the GRCA. And if there was seepage here, do you really think that my Westfalia would have made it this far?

Westfalia at 4.21

Westfalia at sunset under cherry tree at 4.21


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