Owls in the Middle Creek Watershed

In the front yard of one of the homes in the Middle Ck watershed in a stand of eastern white pine along the road, there was a family of owls breeding in early 2004.

Brian Cunningham describes the course of events briefly:

The first one that fell from the nest I took to Guelph but it died, probably from the fall.

Then the entire nest collapsed, so I built the tree stand, with a wire flower basket and cocobean matt inside and tied it down on the stand. The original nest was 3/4 up the tree.

The mother has been quite patient with me – she came back within a day and started feeding them again, rabbits, crow and other assorted critters.

It has created quite an attraction for the neighbours on the street – one of the benefits of living here.

Unfortunately, the owlets finally flew during the second week of May while I was away. Roza said they took flight around 8.15 pm to the pine plantation across the road.

Below are the pictures I had taken, from the first one that had fallen and died at the vets, to the two that survived and took flight

The small ootpik on the ground is the first one to fall, which died. The one on the front porch is the second one to fall out, which survived. The ones in the basket are the first picture once in the back in the nest a couple of weeks later. The one standing up was from a week ago.

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