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Compaq Linux
Mac OSX Developer
Linux USB
Scanners & Linux
Configuring GNOME Diskless Kiosks
Configuring Outlook & Linux
USBVision NT1003 Linux Driver
USBVision NT1003 & Linux Resources
Airport IEEE 802.11 hub config software in Java
Internet Name Service provider
Apache Jakarta Project
Open SSH on Open BSD
Geographical Information Systems
Enterprise Event Management Utility
Embedded Systems using Linux
Electronic Engineering Times
IBM Patent Server
Kid's Linux programs
Linux in Education
Linux on Palm
Palm Pilot news & info
Mocha Java Decompiler
Sample Java Code
Audio CD Ripper & Video
Palm Pilots
IBM DeveloperWorks
XML Standard
World Wide Web Standards
SCSI Connectors
E-Bay Online Auctions
CD writing Howto-9909
RPM Inventory
GNU Property Security
The Security Portal
Port Scanning
Linux vs NT Reliability
Sun Forte Java IDE (Open Source)
(Open Source)
Personal Helicopter
ASA dwnld
SQL A Install
DSL sourcebook
Gnome & Palm article
Gnome Pilot Project
Palm Pilot Archives
Using Palm w/Linux
PalmOS developer
Palm Docs
Palm OS SDK Docs
Palm OS In a Nutshell
Palm Emulator
Palm gcc/prc tools
Palm SDK 3.5 tools
Pilot RC tool
Linux Palm HOWTOs
Handhelds Org
Project Mercury (iPaq)
GTk based Voice Mail (GNU)
Another Security Portal
Helix Gnome Desktop
GNU Java
NRC/CHU NTP Services
NTP software, etc
Java vs C performance
First Avenue Waterloo Apple Dealer
Apple Insider
Apple Corp
Linux Voice mail
Linux sales eat into NT
LEGO Mindstorms (very broken web site)
NQC for RCX /Linux
Lego Mindstorms & Linux
2600 Hacker
Linux Video Org
de C S S
Lemuria Org de C S S
Google Search
Internet Software Consortium (latest BIND)
slash software web site
EJB Server Development EJBInfo
Linux Jobs
Doug Ledford AIC7 Adaptec drivers
YST 4416S firmware update
Build Your Own Linux Distribution
Bluefish GTK based html editor

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These links include philanthropy, science, religion and philosopy. They include some really good material in some cases, but in others some pretty unorthodox stuff. Even the latter may be of interest, nevertheless, a healthy dose of skepticism may be kept near at hand. The material here is a repository, mostly awaiting better organization once I get time.


Operation Mercy
Christian Blind Mission   Ironically, must have shockwave plug-in to see it; even though I don't use shockwave myself I will temporarily leave this link in case they come to their senses over the next few months. Pretty sad.
more religious studies links
Studies on John
Virtual Religion Index
Mennonite links
Willingdon Church
Messianic Prophecies
Amnesty International
Amnesty Canada
Life Resources
Albert Schweitzer
The Baha'i Faith
MCC Resources
Trinity Foundation
Promise Keepers
Promise Keepers Canada
Alberta Report w/ Ted Byfield
National Report w/ Ted Byfield
Christian Canada "Ecumenical" Portal
El Vaqueros Christian MP3s
Bible Study Site of some sort (QofSheba)
Bible Study Program RBC
Leave Your Brains at the Door
New Covenant Church of God (an interesting read)
Islam and Christ
Science & Christianity Page
Essays in Philosophy
Bible Basics (excellent stuff)
NT Gateway (good site)
Bible Translation
Anglican Library
for whom the bell tolls...
Australian and Canadian Constitution Preambles compared




Scientific American
Science Online
Darwin Day
Evidence for Macroevolution
Dinosaurs w/modern feathers
additional details to Origin of Species
Gould vs Dawkins
Amino Acids in Space
A skeptic's postulations on Creationism
Chicken-sized dinosaur
Has evolution ceased?
Is evolution over?
The New Scientist on "Creation Science"
New Scientist
Genetic Mutuation
Speed of light not constant
Six numbers of Life (cosmology article)


Report on Business
The Guardian Unlimited
The Record
U.S. Weather
The Weather Network
Canadian Gardening


Search & Reference Sites

Merck Medical Manual
555-1212 find phone#
Elingo Translations: English to French & others






Canadian Ham E-mail search
Industry Canada Radio Spectrum Management & Telecommunications
American Radio Relay League (HAM)
AMSAT Radio Amateur Satellite
Amateur Radio Reference Guide (good index site)
4QD Electronic Circuits
FC's Electronic Cirkits
KW Amateur Radio Club
MFJ Amateur Radio Supplies
Solar Power Systems
Gruvin FT100 Specs



Anti-Junk Mail
Consumer Advocacy
Cable ISP Choice
SPAM Filters
Harker Discrepancies
PDF reports
Talisman protest
CoK Depts
Highway Safety Org
Canadian Bar Association
Federation of Law Societies of Canada
healthy drinking
American Civil Liberties Union (only in america)
New Scary Copyright Laws DMCA et al
A Copyright-free Universe


Photography & Music

Metz Photo
Photo Net
The Phil
Narrow Road
Project Gutenberg
Mutopia (free music scores)
Classic Poetry
Poetry Index
Francis Thompson


Local Tech Companies

Research In Motion
Mortice Kern Systems
Automation Tooling Systems
Northern Digital
Sybase Canada
Siemens Canada Opportunities
Stock Quotes
Clearnet PCS



VW Vortex
Volkswagen America
The Autotrader

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