Living in a small Southern Ontario city, is perhaps not the most glamorous lifestyle you might think of but it sure is less expensive than Toronto, where we lived for about five and a half years in the early '90s. Regina and I were married on September 2, 1986 -- and although it might sound strange in today's society, our children arrived well after the big day.


a software nerd with a well-known vendor in Waterloo Ontario. Click here for more on what I do. Interests are wine making, photography, Linux, and electronic gadgetry. Having grown up around a wood shop, I still like to go around and tinker at my dad's.


the homemaker in our relationship. Formerly a hairdresser aus Deutschland, she has taken to the role of care giver with only a little stress. Interests are: gardening, and vacationing on the other side of the Atlantic.

Gina is involved in the women's ministry and in various aspects of children's ministry in the local church.


is a pre-secondary student who is just starting to discover the 'net. David likes to play sports such as baseball, basketball, golf, and has recently discovered fussball in Germany. David also likes science, but often lacks the patience required to learn things first hand.


is an elementary grade student. who will be persuing interest in music this year. She likes to play for hours with her 'Barbies' and doesn't mind doing so alone if need be. Katherine likes to do well in school.


She is a real gem. We are thankful that she is with us after the accident of '95. She was run over by a van and spent several weeks in traction, followed by yet more in a cast that came up from the ankle to under her armpits. It seemed that she had signs of internal blood clotting which then cleared up without any further signs of intenal bleeding. Many people prayed for her and recognize that God has been merciful.

Our Faith

Having read the scriptures it is our conclusion that the man Jesus is amongst the wisest that has graced the face of this earth. Having been so and representing a moral example, perhaps the sole representative we have had in our long and sordid race, we accept his claim to his supernatural origins.

Jesus being the Christ, the Messiah, the promised one of God, is able to rejoin us with the Almighty, from whom ties have been severed since early on in our history. The present world order will someday be replaced according to the scriptures, and those who aspire to the light will be restored in a right relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

We are affiliated with the Kitchener Mennonite Brethern Church.

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