Curriculum Vitae

Erich J. Ritzmann


Envisioning, organizing, and building innovative software solutions which not only gratify the inner drive to experience technology, but also harness the power of networked computing in the context of real world problems.


Experienced in analysis, design, implementation and verification -- well-suited for organizations working with network enabled application technologies.

  • Able to see the forest and the trees, system and its details
  • Persistent, see projects through to completion
  • Speak the language of people and machinery: UML, UNIX, Linux, NT, C/C++, Java, Perl & sh scripting languages


'02, Navigators Canada, Waterloo -- E-commerce Development Server

    Installed, configured server for web development environment -- including Apache 2.0, PHP 4, MySQL 3, PHPMyAdmin, and Samba on Redhat Linux.

'99-00, Listen Corp., Waterloo -- Application Prototype

    Used Java to develop software which analyzes textual data and outputs formatted HTML pages. Implemented using Sun JDK for Linux and deployed on Windows.

'99, Nitidus, Toronto -- RAID Server / SCM System

    Configured AMD K6-2 server for software development projects. System included dual SCSI UW controllers and high speed drives in a software RAID-1 on Linux configuration. Setup for LAN and dial-up connections from NT Workstations. Set forth administration and SCM plan before handing things over.


May '00 - May '02, Sybase Inc., Waterloo

Application Developer

    Performed analysis for consumer banking software solution based on OFX 2.0. Responsible for requirements determination, aspects of design, coding and testing. Product was deployed on wireless handheld devices in Europe.

    Maintained application which enabled SAP R/3 data entry on mobile computing devices. Server components written in Java and C++, deployed using component architectures CORBA and EJBs. Handled aspects of project management and implementation, with delivery of product release in a timely manner.

Feb '97 - May '00, Mortice Kern Systems Inc., Waterloo

Professional Services Consultant

    Promoted the use of UML and object oriented analysis and design methodologies as part of process methodologies consulting.

    Designed and created a Software Configuration Management solution for a Fortune 500 company. Configuration based on Windows NT Workstation and OS/390 Enterprise Server. As technical lead on the team, ported revision control software to the server, and implemented a cross platform build methodology based on make. Responsible for aspects of project planning and customer liaison.

    Created software port feasibility studies using MKS Code Integrity to measure an application's conformance to industry standard APIs such as The Open Group Spec 1170. Lead the port of a C++ web banking application from AIX to OS/390. Participated in the port of Domain Name Server (DNS) software; used awk to convert named error messages into a format which would support internationalization on OS/400.

    As a consultant, I observed software development facilities thoughout North America, assisting clients in making strategic IT decisions. Provided advise for server consolidation, and for cross-platform development. Designed and ported C/C++ software applications on HP/UX, AIX, Reliant UNIX, Sun Solaris and OS/390 Open Edition among others.

    Recognized for outstanding achievement by appointment to President's Club, fiscal '99.

Mar '95 - Dec '96, P.C. Automation Inc., Waterloo

Software Engineer

    Conducted port of legacy code to POSIX version of QNX. Assisted in the maintenance of C/C++ application on QNX 4.2.

    Wrote code to evaluate cross-platform curses API. Tested on UNIX SVR4, on Linux and on QNX 4.22. Established cross-platform development strategy. Source code was accessed via NFS and RCS. System differences were captured in makefile macros which varied by OS. Created developer productivity tools through general purpose shell scripts. This simplified creation of source headers, etc.. Established coding standards and conventions.

    Setup office TCP/IP connectivity together with e-mail, which integrated DOS & Windows clients with Linux Internet gateway and with QNX and UNIX development systems. Setup SLIP to ISP and configured DNS for local subnet. Wrote POP mail retrieval and distribution system for dialup server integrating Internet software with shell and awk programming. Created socket-based TCP/IP programs in C to coordinate orderly system shutdown in event of power outage. Installed, configured and supported UNIXWARE, NETWARE, Linux, MS Windows, in-house.

    Installed EMPRESS RDBMS and ran tests using ODBC. Utilized CASE tool to draft relational database designs. Supervised junior programmer in setting up prototype HTML application which used RDBMS vendor supplied CGI's and in the creation of a simple C++ SQL API.

Jan '89 - Mar '95, Teleglobe Inc., Toronto

Systems Analyst

    Achieved a sense of personal satisfaction in conceptualizing and envisioning software systems. Used entity-relation and data flow modeling in creation of designs.

    As a team leader, trained and coordinated C development efforts on UNIX SVR4 for a project which designed and implemented an EDI system. Coded communications component which interfaced with X.25 PSDN, modem, TCP/IP and other technologies.

    Software made use of interprocess and internetworking communications facilities much of which utilized a client-server paradigm. Ported portions of the code to and from VMS. Wrote shell scripts to assist in revision control and releasing of the software system.


    Modems used in the EDI protype were notoriously unreliable. Used C to rewrite modem dialer originally coded in machine language and was instrumental in introducing support for VAX PSI to improve reliability. Became involved with insurance standards for Electronic Data Interchange.

    Initiated and met the qualifications for the SCO reseller program. This included both the technical and the sales components.


    As a Junior Programmer performed data conversions for new clients from competitor systems, teaching me effective use of commonly available UNIX tools. Optimized the conversion process through standardization, shell scripting, and introduction of TCP/IP ethernet connectivity between the VAXen and SCO machines.

    Maintained application using hierarchical database language (RTM) on VAX/VMS, GEAC and SCO Xenix. Installation and setup of Xenix OS. Support of R&D product prototypes.

Jan '88 - Apr '88, University of Waterloo,

Teaching Assistant

    Instructed lab component of third year course.


Sybase University, '00;

  • Negotiating Skills Workshop

Toastmasters, '99;

  • Speechcraft Public Speaking Workshop

University of Waterloo, '97;

  • Programming Java Applications and Applets

International Business Machines, '97;

  • OS390 for UNIX programmers
  • IFS Web Banking

Rational Systems, '96;

  • Object Oriented Analysis, Design & Project Management

Microsoft Education Service, '94;

  • Programming Applications for Microsoft Windows

Digital Equipment Corporation, '92;

  • VAX Systems Managment
  • DecNet and System Services using C


    University of Waterloo, Honours BA Geography, Computer Science Minor, 1988.


  • Interest in wireless communications motivated Basic Certification in Amateur Radio, '01 (VA3XTO).
  • Mechanically inclined -- get satisfaction out of creating things, repairing things, extending the useful life of household items.
  • Recently restored our 14 year old Jetta to near mint condition, doing the body work as a teaching project for my son.
  • Enthusiastic Linux user since '93 (since 0.99.x; SLS, Slackware, Redhat).
  • Household LAN features three Linux machines, 802.11b WiFi Access Point and Apple iBook running OS X.
  • Casual programming pursuits: X10, Digital audio encoding, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Icecast.
  • Enjoy wine making, photography, woodworking.
  • Love the outdoors, canoeing and camping.
  • Married since '86, three children, residing in lovely Ontario, Canada.
  • Knowledge of German.
  • Work well independently, or as part of a team.

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