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Froese: "How Democracy Will Elect the Antichrist"

"Men are caught in a disaster worse than earthquake or flood..."     Tozer

What do we make of the above statement? Is it a statement about gender, a deference to feminism perhaps?

Bombarded by news of disasters, tsunamis in Asia, huricanes in Louisiana, floods in Bangladesh. Millions of people are losing their lives. It's not sensationalism, it really is a big deal. So, what can be worse?

Tozer is referring to our moral dilemma. We might think ourselves pretty good, were it not for our estrangement from the creator. But the reality is that the best humanity has to offer, falls short of what we were wired for.

The concept of a rescuer messiah is old. Hebrew prophetic texts promised deliverance for hundreds of years, though most of the people were expecting political and military salvation from the Romans when the time came. The nations plotted, the priests with the oppressor, and nailed Jeshua to a wooden stake -- where he hung until he died. The irony was that the mystical language of prophecy had nailed down that event already, though the clouded thoughts of men were not grasping it.

But, on the first day of the week, when they came to the guarded tomb to embalm the body, there was none. The man who had been dead was found walking around, eating and drinking and talking. None of his friends was willing to accept that at first, who would -- people who die are just not found alive again three days later. Yet, so convinced did this group become, that they would all be turned from cowards to bold witnesses, and within a short time began to be killed for telling others what they'd seen and experienced. If it had been all fables, who'd have been willing?

The leaders of the temple together with the Roman co-conspirators placed a group of trained soldiers to guard the sealed tomb. These 'Green Beret', it was then told, fell asleep and the body was snatched by a woman in the dead of night. The men it must be remembered, had all run away. And, these women, it must be imagined, first rolled away the heavy stone without the soldiers knowing it. They then, we are being asked to imagine, carried away the lifeless body, in the dark -- again, without the soldiers knowing it. And, then managed to cleverly hide the body in such a way that all of Rome's forces and all of the temple's, could not find it ever after. And, these women, having broken a legal seal of a high official, were they ever brought before a court? The facts of history did not line up well with the story being promoted by the temple leaders.

In fact, just a few short years later, the prophetic words of the one they had crucified came back to haunt them as Rome all but wiped Jerusalem off the map. For two millenia these people without a land have survived identity intact. How many of the ancient nations can we say that about?

Then came the times of reflection. A significant number of Jewish people had come to a realization that this weird chain of events was in fact described by the ancient texts. These became the first believers, later called the Christians. Within a short time there were more non-Jews which were adopted into this community and soon out numbered the Jews. And, this community became known as the church.

The signficance of these events had been understood. Do you understand how they tie in with Tozer's remark above? If not, it is well worth taking the time...

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