The Zeal for His House

Read: John 2

  1. In the episode of the turning of water into wine at the wedding in Cana in Galilee (2:1-11), Jesus performs his first miracle, through which John states that Jesus reveals his glory. Give an example of a time in your life when, through a miracle or otherwise, the “glory of Jesus/God” was revealed either to you or to those around you.

  2. In vs 14 it is recorded that the merchants were using the outer court of the temple to sell the animals required for sacrificing. What was the significance of Jesus’ actions in vs. 15-16? See Rev. 11:1-2 for some possible help.

  3. Earlier on we discussed the Gnostics who claimed that all matter was evil and all spiritual things good, and based on this, deny the bodily resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. What is the great significance of John’s words in vs 19-21?

  4. In vs 22, it appears that John predicts that the disciples will/did forget Christ’s words. What is the significance of the ministry of the Holy Spirit in helping the believer remember (and carry out) God’s word and will (see e.g. John 14:26)?

  5. What possible “Scripture” (i.e. Old Testament writing) were the disciples “reminded of”? (BIG Hint: Read Psalm 16. Which versus are being brought to recollection here and how do we know?)

  6. Explain in your own words what vs 24-25 mean.

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