Testimony of the Baptist

Read: John 3:22-36

  1. As has been discussed, explain why the question of ceremonial washing became a point of discussion in the context of baptism in verses 23-26.

  2. Explain John’s words in verses 27-30, specifically, explain John’s analogy to the bride and bridegroom.

  3. In vs 29, if John’s joy is “complete”, why do you think he did not end his ministry and follow after Jesus, i.e. becoming one of Jesus’ disciples?

  4. Why does John say in vs 32 that “no one accepts his testimony”?

  5. And in vs 33, it appears John in saying that whoever has accepted the truth proves that God is truthful. How can act of “accepting the testimony” certify that God is faithful?

  6. Vs 36 is one to underline in your Bible. Compare with John 1:13, John 3:3, and others (give some examples?). Note that the verb “has” is in the present tense. When do we begin to experience eternal life? What is the opposite of eternal life (i.e. explain the term God’s wrath)?

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