Jesus and the Father

Read: John 10:22-42

  1. When and where do the events in this chapter take place?

  2. There are two "feasts" in the Jewish calendar which are not found in the law of Moses. What are these and what do they commemorate? Give Scriptural references.

  3. Jesus is asked a very specific question in verse 24. He gives a very clear response. In your own words, what does Jesus say.

  4. Explain Jesus' response in verses 34-36.

  5. In verse 37 and 38, Jesus attempts to break through the spiritual darkness of His accusers by getting them to focus on the work the Father sent Him to do. What prevents them from making this breakthrough?

  6. Like the Jews in this chapter, miracles do occur all around us. However we are oftentimes blinded and refuse to give glory to the One who is the author of them. Do you believe people in western culture would be easily convinced today if Jesus walked through downtown Toronto performing the miracles He did in Jerusalem 2000 years ago? What do you think would be the outcome in the newspapers? What about yourself?

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