I Am the Resurrection and the Life

Read: John 11:1-37

  1. John makes only brief mention to "This Mary" in verse two. What else do we know about her from the Scriptures? Always give references!

  2. Explain Jesus' "answer" in verses 9-10.

  3. In verse 4 and again in verse 15, Jesus states that the purpose of this "account" is so that God would be glorified through Jesus and that people may believe. What other previous (Old Testament) references can you give of people who were raised to life? How does this account differ from the other passages you have found? How is it similar?

  4. Do you think Martha understands what she is asking in verse 22? Do you think she knows what Jesus is about to do?

  5. What does Jesus means when He says "I am the resurrection and the life." (My emphasis.) For example, if Jesus had said "I am the means by which you can experience resurrection and the means by which you can have life," what would be different?

  6. One of the "ivory tower theological questions" of all time is why Jesus wept (verse 35). Why do you think he wept? Do you have any other explanations?

  7. The death of loved ones is always a difficult situation, even for Christians. If you did not believe that Jesus was "the resurrection and the life", what do you think your perception of death would be? Does this motivate you to do anything?

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