The Crucifixion

Read: John 19

  1. Why did this particular Scripture have to be fulfilled (19:24)?

    1. What is the significance that his garments were divided and lots were cast?

    2. What did this represent?

  2. Who is the disciple that Jesus loved (19:26)? References. Why the distinction between the disciple Jesus loved and the others?

  3. What is the significance of the wine vinegar that is given in 19:29?

  4. Why did the Jews not want the bodies on the crosses during the Sabbath (19:31)? References.

  5. When Jesus was pierced, why did water flow (19:34)? Why both blood and water? Is it significant?

  6. Did Jesus die?

    1. Did his body die?

    2. Did His spirit die?

    3. What exactly happened when He breathed His last?

    4. Did Jesus have to die? Why?

    5. What other options are there? Give references.

  7. Where did Jesus go when he died?

    1. Are there any references in the other Gospels?

    2. Are there any indications in the epistles?

    3. How are we to understand this?

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