The Resurrection

Read: John 20

  1. Why is the face covering separate from the rest (20:6-7)?

  2. What can we learn about Mary and what can be learned about the relationship between Mary and Jesus since she lingered at the tomb (20:10-11)?

  3. Why are there two angels (20:12)?

  4. Why did Mary not recognize Jesus at first (20:15)? Why did the two disciples on the road to Emmaus not recognize Jesus at first (Luke 24:13-32)?

  5. Why did Jesus say "do not hold on to me" (20:17)?

  6. Why does Jesus breathe on the disciples for them to receive the Holy Spirit (20:22)? What is significant about Jesus breathing on them? Since Jesus hadn't left yet, why this entire episode?

  7. Christ was to be in the ground for three days, yet He died on Friday and had risen by Sunday morning. Can this be explained?

  8. Jesus dies outside of Jerusalem even though the temple sacrifices were offered at the temple in Jerusalem. Is this significant? Why?

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