Do You Love Me?

Read: John 21

  1. What is the location and time of the events in this chapter and who are the characters?

  2. Peter wrapped his cloak around him and jumped into the water (verse 7)? Why? Where did he go?

  3. Word study time. Get three of four translations, or better still, a lexicon.

    1. What's happening in verses 15-17 with the word "love"?

    2. What is really going on?

    3. What is Jesus really saying to Peter in verse 19? For a bit of a hint, see verse 20.

  4. Jesus tells Peter to follow him, and it appears he literally did (see verses 19-20). Check some extra-biblical sources to find out what history says happened to Peter.

  5. Just like Peter, Jesus tells us to agape Him and to follow.

    1. How much do you love Jesus?

    2. To what extent have you gone to follow Him?

    3. To what extent are you prepared to go?

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