"I Am"

Read: John 8:37-59

  1. Who is Jesus speaking to in this section? Who is he claiming is their father? Cf. vs. 33, 37, 39, 42, 56

  2. Who do "they" say that Jesus is? Cf. vs. 41, 48

  3. What are the different uses of the term "father" in this section?

  4. How did Abraham "see" Jesus' day? vs. 56 See Genesis 17.

  5. If there was any doubt in Jesus' response in vs 58 the Jews did not show it by their reaction. Where else in John (up to chapter 8 and then following) has/will Jesus use the formal proclamation "I am"? Why do you think the Jews did not respond as forcefully on those (seven) other occasions?

  6. Jesus always appears to describe himself in relational terms. If someone were to ask you "who are you" or "who do you think you are", how would you respond? In your response, think about how Jesus would answer.

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