Seeing Without Perceiving

Read: John 9:1-41    Isaiah 6:9-10    Isaiah 35:5-6    Isaiah 43:7-8

  1. When and where do the events in this chapter take place?

  2. Jesus' answer to the disciples' question in verse 2 is very revealing for a number of reasons. How does this help us to understand "sicknesses" today. Cf. Isaiah passages above and the story of Job.

  3. Do you think the man's parents knew the source of his healing? Why or why not? What would have been the significance had they acknowledged Jesus' actions?

  4. The man's "lecture" to the Pharisees in verses 30ff appears to somehow "miss the mark" and fails to convince the Pharisees. Indeed it was not until verse 38 that the man himself really acknowledge who Jesus was. What has happened to change his belief?

  5. Jesus' words in verse 39 are sobering. Discuss these in light of the passage in Isaiah 6.

  6. Does the world around you tend to keep you in spiritual darkness? How? What do you think limits God's ability to display His glory in your life (vs. 3)?

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