The Fisherman's Good News

He was with God in the beginning.

John 1:2

Word of Life

Amongst the first chosen by Jesus were a few fisherman. Not remarkable, quite ordinary, people. The Gospel of John was written by such a person and for two millenia his deep insight has amazed scholars and theologians alike. How was it, that such an ordinary guy could have such a long perpective of eternity?

Gospel, translated, means good news. John's is one of four books we refer to as 'gospels'. What is it about the gospels that it took four of them? Read A. W. Pink's Why Four Gospels?   for a detailed discussion.     In studying John's book, it is also helpful to review the basic premises which gird the understanding of sacred texts & biblical authority. For additional references see:   Transmission of Biblical Texts.

Familiarity with the history of the Hebrew peoples is inseparable from the study of the sacred Hebrew texts.     The comparitively more recent books of the New Testament draw on the authority of these ancient writings.

The awesomeness of this collection of books we refer to as the Bible, is demonstrated daily in the impact that this 'best seller' has on the lives of those who read it. Click here for one person's account.

The links on this page are designed to help you to build an understanding of the Bible, focussing on John. In researching the questions contained herein, you may find these Bible Study links, helpful.

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