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A series on lessons for life -- an in depth look at the Sermon on the Mount.

The blessings of the persecuted ...

Elusive peace ...

The pure in heart ...

What is mercy?

Hunger and thirst for righteousness ...

Meekness, not weakness ...

Meek -- (a) Mild of temper; not easily provoked or irritated; patient under injuries; not vain, or haughty, or resentful; forbearing; submissive.

Blessed are you who mourn?

Poor in spirit ...

Many people consider themselves "spiritual" -- what does Jesus say about true spirituality? Firstly, knowing the need of God's Spirit in our lives.

Vidya, has just returned from India and shares what it means to have a practical faith. Of ethnic Indian background he ministers to a congregation with a Russian Mennonite heritage here in Kitchener.

The nature of temptation.

"Good for you, for being who you are intended to be..."

Message to the Exiles

The coming of Christ is the beginning of all new things.

At this the changing of the years, have you stopped to consider the gift of time?


Wise men:



What gift are you giving this year? Just as in the credit card commercial, we know that the best gifts cannot be bought. Without the gift of the Gospel, the gift which is for all people, life can be meaningless. On the other hand, the Gospel brings peace, love, joy, hope and meaning -- meaning to a world for which rejection, discrimination and hatred are the norm.

Cynical about Christianity? Why do you go through so much trouble persecuting something that you say is not true anyways? Test the claims of the Bible, before you knock it. Faith under fire.

The world will experience peace, only when there is peace within the human heart. Peace will follow purity -- only the heels of the righteousness of the Prince of Peace, will we find peace.

The Road to Damascus... Someday we will all see what Paul saw regardless of our place in life, reputation, or birth -- "every knee will bow". Whether it bows now, or it bows later, is a difference of eternity.

Taking Jesus at His Word...

Jesus is Coming Again...

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