Mission Statement

Towards a Modern Ethic


Advancements in science, and in particular computing, have progressed phenomenally over the past two decades. Small, inexpensive computers have evolved into powerful general purpose tools useful for managing vast quantities of information on the 'net. The collaboration of software developers on the Internet has also moved the state of the art forward to the next quantum. And, like the Internet itself, the state of the art in software is arguably most furthered by this open model of software development.

From these and adjoining pages, you will find information and links to people and organizations which reflect this paradigm.

As well, in a world where the current laws are being rendered obsolete by the fast pace of technological innovation, we find ourselves on the precipice of anarchy. The time regarded bases of ethics have been displaced by a whimsical political correctness which is so spineless that it is not very useful at best. How can a modern system of ethics be derived from a basis in shifting sand?

A time-proven basis for modern ethics has been very much overlooked as people have tended to a more dilute form which does not make them answerable to a higher authority. This natural tendency to boil down what people find difficult, eventually leads to a system that is not only powerless, but like watered down soup, has all the appeal of used dishwater.

Or else, the substance becomes so routine through the practice of tradition, that it is rejected as having no essence. Again, the application of first principles must be applied to breathe new life into the practice.

Through the application of basic truths an effective modern ethic can and should be attained. This then excludes relativism which itself denies the existence of such fundamental poles of good and evil, of right and wrong. Relativism has some chance of working during times of stability, but in times of rapid change, erodes rapidly to reveal its barren bedrock.

These pages also contain information and links to topics on the matter of ethics and faith applicable to the modern reality.


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