Unified Modeling Language

I was looking for a UML modeling tool which would allow me to work on Linux. Why Linux? Is that question rhetorical?

While I do most of my creative work on Linux, I am also required to perform some functions on NT, so availability of a common tool on both platforms would be a definite plus.

Before I get into describing what tools I took a look at, I would like to descibe a little bit about what I would like to use the tool for. The process of analysis & design  involves the organization of requirements in terms of iconic representations on a diagram. UML provides iconic representations which support the various information gathering activities of analysis, but also supporting diagrammatic representation of the implementation. UML Quick Reference  


"Argo/UML represents designs using a Java version of the UML 1.1 meta-model as described in the UML Semantics specification." Argo is written in Java, uses Swing and XML libraries from IBM. For more information see the Argo/UML web site   The highlevel features.

The application seems reasonably cross platform, in that they claim that it runs on a variety of Windows JVMs as well as Solaris, and Blackdown's JDK for Linux. I did my testing on a Red Hat 6.0, Gnome 1.0, with an experimental glibc version of the JDK 1.1.7.

This seems like a reasonable package. Supports class diagrams, usecase diagrams, and collaboration diagrams. Has some nice features such as todo lists, javadoc, java code generation, and a variety of nice frills like this.

What is missing is state diagrams. Other drawbacks include the apparent lack of maintenance since May '99.


DIA (short for diagrammer, presumably) is actually a VISIO replacement which happens to have some UML support. DIA is GTK based and is thus targeted to GNOME on Linux and BSD platforms. DIA 0.82 was compiled and tested on RH 6.0. It compiled with a few warning messages, and ran fine, with the only problems being that the xfs did not supply the fonts it was expecting. DIA has been taken into the GNOME Office Suite fold as at the most recent version (1.0?). For more information, see the DIA web site  

What it is missing is windoze support.

Rational ROSE

Probably the most sophisticated package available. This is clearly the industry leader.


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